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Do I need a visa to start a business in France?

The good news is that members of the European Union do not require any visa or titre de sejour in order to start a business in France. Things are slightly different for non European members ...

By Valérie Aston · 18 May 2017

Advantages of starting a SARL business in France

Société A Responsabilité Limitée (SARL) is an incorporate business or limited company in France. This type of business has its own legal entity, called personne morale. This means that the business has its own entity ...

By Valérie Aston · 5 Dec 2016

Summary of changes to the auto-entrepreneur business in 2017

The auto-entrepreneur business in France, also called micro-entrepreneur, was launched in France in 2009 for small businesses. It offers a simple legal structure for sole traders, who will be paying their social charges ...

By Valérie Aston · 28 Nov 2016

How to check and pay your French business 2016 CFE tax

Contribution Fonciere des Entreprises (CFE) is a small tax paid by all business owners in France towards local authorities. This tax is due from your second calendar year in business. For instance, if you registered your ...

By Valérie Aston · 24 Nov 2016

How to sell a business in France

You have decided to sell your French business and are about to put up the for sale sign. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for selling your French business and having the information requested by potential buyers ...

By Valérie Aston · 14 Sep 2016

Business incorporation tax in France to be reduced

The government in France has confirmed that French incorporation tax called Impots sur les societes, also referred to as IS, will be reduced from 2017. The existing incorporation is 15% up to 38,120 euros of profit, then ...

By Valérie Aston · 13 Sep 2016