Latest information for small businesses in France

Business incorporation tax reduced in France from 33% to 25%

Business incorporation tax in France called Impot sur les Sociétés will be reduced from 2018. Based on his election campaign, President Emmanuel Macron will steadily decrease the incorporation tax in France from ...

By Valérie Aston · 7 Sep 2017

New measures to boost small businesses in France

The French government will be presenting its plan for small businesses in Dijon on 5th September 2017. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will announce key measures to boost small businesses in France. ...

By Valérie Aston · 4 Sep 2017

Do I need a visa to start a business in France?

The good news is that members of the European Union do not require any visa or titre de sejour in order to start a business in France. Things are slightly different for non European members ...

By Valérie Aston · 18 May 2017